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  • Customer Inquiry Hotline Mr. Tang:15012689973 Mr. Tang:18675157665

    Product center

    • DU0415Frame electromagnet-Smart shared charging treasure electromagnetic lock
      DU0415Frame electromagnet-Smart shared charging treasure electromagnetic lock
    • DU0420Miniature frame electromagnet-Printer electromagnetic lock
      DU0420Miniature frame electromagnet-Printer electromagnetic lock
    • DU2576Special equipment control traction electromagnetic lock-Large thrust long stroke brake push-pull electromagnet
      DU2576Special equipment control traction electromagnetic lock-Large thrust long stroke brake push-pull electromagnet
    • DU2065Frame long stroke push-pull electromagnet-High-voltage control box intelligent induction electromagnetic lock iron
      DU2065Frame long stroke push-pull electromagnet-High-voltage control box intelligent induction electromagnetic lock iron
    • DU1649Frame push-pull electromagnet-Electromechanical
      DU1649Frame push-pull electromagnet-Electromechanical
    • DO4024Percussion round tube electromagnet-Gaming lottery electromagnet
      DO4024Percussion round tube electromagnet-Gaming lottery electromagnet
    • DO5931Push-pull electromagnet-Long stroke large thrust round tube push-pull electromagnet
      DO5931Push-pull electromagnet-Long stroke large thrust round tube push-pull electromagnet
    • DO7050Solenoid metering pump solenoid valve-High frequency push-pull electromagnet
      DO7050Solenoid metering pump solenoid valve-High frequency push-pull electromagnet
    • DO1210Round tube electromagnet-Intelligent express storage cabinet electromagnet
      DO1210Round tube electromagnet-Intelligent express storage cabinet electromagnet
    • DO7074Round tube electromagnet-Sewing machine lifting angle tangent solenoid
      DO7074Round tube electromagnet-Sewing machine lifting angle tangent solenoid
    • DX4050Sucker Electromagnet-Lifting 30kg sucker solenoid
      DX4050Sucker Electromagnet-Lifting 30kg sucker solenoid
    • DX4026Manipulator Electromagnet Sucker-60KG Large Suction Suction Electromagnet
      DX4026Manipulator Electromagnet Sucker-60KG Large Suction Suction Electromagnet
    • DX7009Disk electromagnetic iron-License plate brake solenoid
      DX7009Disk electromagnetic iron-License plate brake solenoid
    • DX6026Lifting robot suction cup electromagnet-80KG Super Strong Iron Sucker Electromagnet
      DX6026Lifting robot suction cup electromagnet-80KG Super Strong Iron Sucker Electromagnet
    • DX5030Round sucker electromagnet-500N electromagnet suction cup
      DX5030Round sucker electromagnet-500N electromagnet suction cup
    • DKD0521Small DC Bistable Hold-Frame push-pull double holding solenoid
      DKD0521Small DC Bistable Hold-Frame push-pull double holding solenoid
    • DKD0724New energy charging gun electromagnetic lock-DC bidirectional holding solenoid
      DKD0724New energy charging gun electromagnetic lock-DC bidirectional holding solenoid
    • DKD0726Double coil magnetic protection type electromagnet-Xenon headlamp bistable retention type electromagnet
      DKD0726Double coil magnetic protection type electromagnet-Xenon headlamp bistable retention type electromagnet
    • DKD1139Double holding solenoid-Shared electric car lock double holding solenoid
      DKD1139Double holding solenoid-Shared electric car lock double holding solenoid
    • DKD1240Biaxial bidirectional holding solenoid-Floor door and window lock electromagnet
      DKD1240Biaxial bidirectional holding solenoid-Floor door and window lock electromagnet
    Multi-country certification

    Product advantages

    As a professional manufacturer of electromagnets, our company currently has 14 types, hundreds of series and thousands of models.

    It can fully meet the basic requirements of customers, and can also customize high-quality and cost-effective electromagnet products for customers according to requirements!

    R & D advantages

    Deang has experienced R & D team members of electromagnets.


    Each year, we invest 15% of our sales revenue into research and development, of which 30% of our research and development funds are invested in pre-research on high-end technologies.


    Over the years, our company has steadily advanced on the road of independent research and development.

    Strong R & D team and R & D strength
    Factory strength and standardized quality control system

    Cost advantage

    All the company's raw materials are directly purchased by manufacturers and supporting cooperative suppliers.


    ◆ The company has established good cooperative relations with relevant suppliers, which can obtain certain advantages in purchase prices, reduce the intermediate links of raw material wholesale, and ensure long-term stability of supply channels and quality.

    service advantage

    Product + solution + consulting + service, Deang provides you with one-stop comprehensive technical support.

    Always make customers satisfied with excellent products and services, and can't tolerate flaws. Upholding the "sincere cooperation" customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

    Regularly hold various electromagnet training activities to continuously improve the quality and ability of employees.

    Strong production capacity


    Products have been widely used in all walks of life, ranging from our daily household equipment, electronic toys, to smart robots, mechanical equipment, etc.

    About Deang Electromagnetic

    About Deang Electromagnetic

    about us



    Dongguan Deang Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of various types of electromagnets, solenoid valves, solenoids and inductors. After years of continuous development and accumulation, the company has advanced production equipment and sophisticated detection equipment. ...

    Company values history

    Huawei successfully made us more worthy of experience
    Huawei successfully made us more worthy of experience

    The frequency of mobile phone replacement has become higher and higher. As users, we only care about the quality of the mobile phone and the cost-effectiveness, and rarely pay attention to the mobile phone industry.

    A sense of crisis-the middle-aged crisis makes us worth pondering
    A sense of crisis-the middle-aged crisis makes us worth pondering

    In the recent past, I believe that everyone has seen reports of Huawei's layoffs. First of all, we don't care about the truth of the matter, but this book puts forward some personal views.

    MORE+ Common problem
    Common problem

    Are DC electromagnets the same as AC electromagnets?

    1.DC electromagnets are not the same as AC electromagnets. Strictly speaking, the addition of a rectifier to the AC electromagnet can be used as a DC electromagnet, but there are essentially different differences between the two. The division of main workers can be explained from the following points.   

    What are the holding solenoids?

    1.Holding electromagnets can be divided into single holding electromagnets, double holding electromagnets and holding chuck electromagnets according to different requirements.

    National Service Hotline


    Monday to Saturday 8:00-22:00

    Electromagnet Product Type Video

    Dongguan city Deang Electromagnetic Technology Co. Ltd.

    Address:4 / F, 109 Dongfeng North Road, Shijie Town, Dongguan City

    Mr. Tang:15012689973 telephone:0769-33244330

    Mr. Tang:18675157665 Email:solenoids@sina.com


    Scan attention


    Online customer service

    Dongguan city Deang Electromagnetic Technology Co. Ltd. All rights reserved 粤ICP备18062187号 网站地图

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